Stefan's Hope 


Our Story

Stefan’s hope was formed by Denyeal Nesovski as a source of hope for families who have received a diagnosis of autism for one of their family members. Denyeal’s son, Stefan was diagnosed with autism four years ago. Since receiving the diagnosis, Denyeal has dedicated her life to creating public awareness about autism and seeking successful treatments. Once Stefan was diagnosed with autism, her family spent thousands of dollars on a countless number of therapy hours for Stefan. Along this journey, the Nesovski family met amazing families, and learned how powerful a mother’s love can be. She spent countless hours researching and studying many different types of treatments, both traditional and non-traditional; many of which are not covered by insurance. Even the traditional therapies that are covered require co-pays, which have sometimes added up to hundreds of dollars per month.

There were many times Denyeal was told that Stefan would not be able to overcome the obstacles of this diagnosis. But this never stopped her, and in fact, more often it made her work harder. Denyeal was told that Stefan may never write, and that she should teach him to use a typing tool instead. After many hours of occupational therapy and handwriting classes, he is a thriving writer as he enters the third grade. Denyeal was also told that he should not be in enrolled in a general education class. Then, Denyeal met a teacher who believed in Stefan, and he began to thrive.

The hope that Denyeal has for Stefan given her strength to make sure he is getting everything that he needs, and to which he is entitled. And to make sure that he continues on the path towards recovery. This hope, led Denyeal to form Stefan’s Hope, which was initially formed to help support Stefan’s therapies, but was so successful that it inspired Denyeal to form a non-profit organization and support other families dealing with the diagnosis. The goal of Stefan’s Hope is to provide awareness to the community, and resources and support to families affected by autism. The organization will provide information to the public in order to educate them about autism and to continue researching different therapies and facilities that would assist families who are dealing with autism.

The future goals for Stefan’s Hope have endless possibilities. The goals include the following: continue to raise and spread awareness for autism, educate families on different treatment options for autism, provide support for families, have support groups and social groups, and provide scholarships to families for treatments.