Stefan's Hope 


Hope Dreams Big

After receiving Stefan’s diagnosis of autism, my family invested all of our time and money into his recovery process, exhausting every option we had. Then, one of my dreams came true when we were granted a scholarship to a dolphin therapy program in Florida.  The therapy represented not only a progressive and critical treatment for Stefan, but a place where our family could step out of our everyday challenges and actually…relax. It was the first time that, as a mother battling autism, I could enjoy the hope that I was fighting so hard for. 

Together with my organization, Stefan’s Hope, we are able to help a family enjoy the hope they’ve been fighting for through the Hope Dreams Big: An opportunity for a family battling with autism to win a dream come true.

There are families dreaming of a source for hope that may not be attainable, or simply are in need of something that cannot be a part of their reality due to the constraints of battling autism. Whatever the dreams and hopes are – no matter how big or small – Stefan’s Hope wants to be able to help you or your loved ones dream become a reality.

 Dream Big  

In addition to vital therapy, we want you to dream BIG, think about…

A family vacation you’ve wanted to take but simply can’t afford…

Cooking classes to learn how to cook healthy meals for your family ….

An overdue home makeover…

Whatever your dream, we want to help make it come true!

How to Apply:

Apply for your dream or make someone else’s come true by filling out the
form before May 31, 2015. Nominations may only be submitted for families affected by autism.  Application form