The "Bigger than Baseball Event" was not only a really fun day for our whole family, but it was also heartwarming to see so many young people put forth the effort to make my son's day special.  From tossing a ball to him, asking him to play "tag" on the playground, playing video games with him, jumping in the bounce house with him & much more.  A special shout out goes to Justin, Mason's buddy for the day who was a great sport about following him around & doing whichever activity that he wanted to do.  

As the parent of an Autistic child, we long for our children to be included & accepted, just the way they are.  This is what I felt yesterday.  For that I want to say a heartfelt "thank you" to each & every person that was involved in the "Bigger than Baseball Event".  

To the boys & young men in the 5 Tool baseball club...please know that your kindness & acceptance can change the child at a time.  Kindness costs nothing...I hope you carry that with you wherever you go!

Gods blessings!

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